Upselling Lawn Care Customers Can Unlock More Profits




Upselling lawn care customers

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Upselling Lawn Care Customers Can Unlock More Profits

As a lawn mowing business owner, we always look for ways to increase our income in our lawn care business.Mostly we rely on new incoming customers to fill that gap.But what happens if it is a slow time of year and the phone is not ringing often?Fear not, as you may already be sitting on a gold mine, and there is still a lot of untapped money sitting inside your existing customer base.We can unlock some of this extra money by using some age-old sales techniques called upselling and cross-selling.

How can upselling lawn care customers work for you?

Upselling and Cross-selling are simply a way to upsell by offering more services to your existing clients. This is something that is often overlooked and something that can generate a lot of extra income.For instance, imagine emailing your entire customer base shortly after autumn and offering a leaf removal service. That one email may increase your income that month by as much as 25%.Another good thing about increasing your lawn care services offerings is your customers are less likely to contact another lawn and landscape company.If the homeowner wants a service that you don’t offer, they will need to get someone else to do it. Then that same someone else offers to mow their lawn as well. The customer thinks they might only pay one person for both jobs to keep things simple.Your business has shrunk, and theirs has grown.I am not saying that you should do everything; I certainly don’t, but we have a referral system in place so that doesn’t happen, As this is not the topic being discussed, I won’t be talking about that here.What I am saying is the more you can take care of a customer’s issues yourself through upsells, the more likely you are to keep the customer long-term and grow your business.

What is the difference between Upselling and cross-selling?

Upselling is when you get a customer to upgrade an existing service.Here are some examples of how you could upsell a new customer.
    • Offering additional services, such as landscape services, tree trimming or aeration
    • Suggesting higher-quality products, such as premium fertilizers or grass seed

Cross-Selling Techniques

There are a lot of different cross-selling techniques that can be used in the lawn care industry, such as:
    • Offering related products, such as garden tools or lawn furniture
    • Suggesting complementary services, such as pest control, gutter cleaning or water blasting.
    • Promoting seasonal services to existing clients, such as leaf removal or snow removal.

How do you cross-sell or upsell your services?

You don’t want to constantly bombard your customers about getting extra services. They will soon get sick of that. These are some of the best practices to use when upselling your lawn care customers.Upselling your lawn care business within the competitive green industry, where numerous lawn care companies vie for clients, requires a strategic approach to distinguish yourself and maximize revenue.One effective strategy is to diversify your service offerings by upselling landscape services alongside your standard lawn maintenance packages. Here are some best practices to implement when upselling your lawn care services:

Understanding your customer’s or new clients’ needs and preferences.

When considering offering these extra services, take some time to understand what your customer really wants. They may have an untidy yard and overgrown gardens, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they want something done about it.By all means, approach them once, but if you get the impression that it is NOT something they would ever consider, put them on your “do not disturb list”. It is always best to let sleeping dogs lie.

Timing your offers appropriately.

Such as after a successful service or during seasonal changesTiming is everything. If you have just finished a small job for a customer, then it may be a good time to discuss something larger.The beginning of any season is also a good time to approach all of your customers. Here are a few examples.
    • Winter – Tidy-ups, house washing water blasting those slippery steps or even irrigation.
    • Spring – We don’t usually offer extras in Spring as we move all our lawns to a fortnightly mow on the first day. (Some go weekly) Although this may be a good time to offer fertilization.
    • Summer – Tidy-ups in time for the holidays. Get the property looking nice
    • Autumn – Leaf clean-ups

Training yourself on upselling and cross-selling techniques.

A bit of training never goes astray and can help a lot. I am a lifetime learner, and I love learning about the next thing that helps drive my business further. This is a good book on the subject if you have the time.Another good thing is to pay attention and always be aware of additional services that could be offered to the customer. Once you have trained yourself to see opportunities, you will start seeing them everywhere.When you see something, make a note in your diary, work out a quote and contact the customers. The worst that can happen is they say no.

Providing incentives or discounts for customers who find you new clients. 

Although I am not a big fan of discounts, it is also an excellent way of getting extra work.This can work especially well if you have a piece of lawn care equipment that you don’t usually take out, such as a water blaster, and you can book a few jobs in a day. You can have a highly profitable day and pass some of your cost savings onto your customers who refer work. This will also increase customer loyalty.


Why is upselling important for my landscape business?

Upselling can significantly increase your profits by tapping into your existing client base. It’s often easier to sell additional services to satisfied clients than to acquire new ones. This approach can help your business thrive and reduce overhead costs.

How can I make my upsell pitch more effective?

To create an effective upsell pitch, focus on the client’s specific needs and preferences. Explain the value of the additional service in terms of improving their landscape, reducing maintenance efforts, or enhancing the curb appeal of their property.

Are commercial clients more willing to spend on upsells compared to residential clients?

Commercial clients often have larger budgets and may be more willing to invest in upsell services that improve the appearance and safety of their commercial properties. However, residential clients can also be receptive to upselling if the benefits are clearly communicated.

How can I upsell my landscape services to clients who may not be familiar with the options available?

Educate your clients about the services you provide and their benefits. You can use before-and-after photos, testimonials, and detailed explanations in your upsell pitch to showcase the value of your offerings.

What are some cost-effective ways to increase revenue through upselling?

To increase revenue cost-effectively, consider bundling related services, offering discounts for package deals, or promoting seasonal specials. This can incentivize clients to choose multiple services and boost your profits.

Can upselling help me get new business, or is it mainly for existing clients?

While upselling is primarily aimed at existing clients, it can indirectly help attract new business. Satisfied clients are more likely to refer your services to others, potentially bringing in new clients who are also willing to upsell.

Can upselling increase my profits significantly?

Yes, upselling can lead to a significant increase in your profits. By offering additional services, you can potentially earn up to 5 times as much from a single client, making it a lucrative strategy for your lawn mowing and landscaping business.Remember that while upselling is a valuable strategy, it should always be customer-focused and aimed at providing high-quality services that genuinely benefit your clients. This approach will not only increase your revenue but also build a better lawn care business in the long run.


At the end of the day, Upselling and Cross-Selling are excellent ways to increase your income without spending more on marketing.It can turn a slow time of the year into a highly productive and profitable month.Remember that you should only offer services you are comfortable with and within your expertise.Having a go at a job and failing is not going to please anyone.Now you have read this, it is time to get out there and try some of these recommendations. Next time you are having a slow period, look around the lawns you are on for additional services to your customers that you could offer.Your customers will be happier, and you will make more money.It’s a win-win for everyone.
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