How to Effectively Handle Difficult Lawn Care Customers.




Dealing with Difficult Lawn Care Customers.

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Dealing with Difficult Lawn Care Customers.

We all get them in our lawn care business, Sometimes we feel we deserve it, but most of the time, we dont. 

The worst thing is when a complaint comes completely out of the blue, and you feel like you have been blindsided.

If this hasn’t happened to you yet, it’s something to look forward to. (only joking there)

Okay, so you have an unhappy customer. That can’t be too much of an issue, can it? 

The answer is YES.

The landscape has changed. In these days where customer service is king, it can be a huge issue. 

Apart from the nagging feeling that you may have let somebody down, the are other things to worry about.

The main worry used to be that an angry lawn care customer might tell a few of their friends. 

Nowadays, you might be upsetting a keyboard avenger who knows how to find your review button and leaves a negative review about your lawn care company. 

Now you really have a problem. 

Well, there are many ways to deal with unhappy lawn care clients, I will tell you how to nip that in the bud. 

Video – Dealing with difficult lawn care customers.

First, Identify the Type of Difficult Lawn Care Customers You Have. 

The Complainer.

This is the kind of customer who complains about everything and anything.

You can normally recognise them because they start to complain about everything from the weather to the economy the first time you meet them.

If they mention the old guy mowing their lawns and what a bad job he was doing and they go into great detail about his bad lawn service, then this is a customer you would want to avoid. 

They will always be a difficult client and find something to complain about. 

They are NOT your ideal customer.

If you are just starting and have not got a lot of customers in your lawn care business you may want to keep them one. However, they are not a good long-term customer. As you get new customers I would think about letting this one go. 

The Perfectionist.

A perfectionist is not necessarily a bad customer. As long as their expectations are reasonable and you can meet them face-to-face to talk about what they expect in the way of lawn care services, you should get along fine.
It can be beneficial to find out what they like and dislike so you can deliver the kind of service that will keep them happy. 

If what they are asking for will take extra time, consider building that into the quote. 

 The Late Payer

One of my personal bugbears. The biggest issue with late payers is that they may get behind and lose track of where they are with payments. Then you are in trouble. 

They feel they have paid, and you know they haven’t. This can be even worse if they pay cash. 

When we take people on, we tell them that we will text them the same day that the job is done and payment is due immediately. 

The secret is to get onto them early. After the first mow, if payment hasn’t shown by the next morning, we text them. We are polite and say something like, “Could you please check the account number you made payment to as the deposit never turned up at our end. 

Now we give them 24 hours. Most people pay then, however, if they dont we will text them and ask them to give us a call. Most customers will pay to avoid an awkward conversation with us. 

They now know that we are a bit of a pain and let them know if they pay late. 

You may ask whether the client will get annoyed with our reminder texts and phone calls. If it had gone that far, we would have gotten annoyed about the slow payment long before then. Once you get past 100 lawn care customers It is now time to tell them that, unfortunately, you are extremely busy and you need to give up some lawns and theirs is one of them. 


The Unreasonable

If a customer has unreasonable expectations, it is in everyone’s best interest to part ways early. Things like needing to be there in a short window of time or they have laid more lawns but still think the price should remain the same. 

There will always be people who figure that they are entitled to their pound of flesh since they pay you and it’s important to set out the ground rules when you start. Funnily enough, this is an issue that we come across more in low-income households. 

You are the only person they pay on a regular basis, so you need to accommodate every little wim. 

I once had someone who used to leave garbage bags and rotting food on the lawn, and they felt that my standard of work was not high enough for them. I was pleased when they cancelled as I didn’t know how to explain the issues the rubbish was causing without offending them.

Conflict 1

Tips for Handling Angry Lawn Care Customers. 

First, Stay Calm and professional.

I know it is hard to stay calm and reasonable when someone behaves badly, but it is better to take the high road. We dont argue with customers that just makes things worse. 

Listen to Them.

Sometimes something has been lost in communication, and they expected one thing, and you delivered another. 

If you try to talk over the customer, you will not win. 

It is possible for a client to misunderstand what you said when you quoted, and sometimes if you become aware of this, you can work through a solution that will resolve for both of you. 

Sometimes if you are able to make things right, you will not only make them happy, but your client may become one of your biggest fans. Then they’ll tell other potential customers that you stand by your work. 

Communicate Clearly

Be clear with your quotes expressly on large clean-up jobs, and take notes. Sometimes on a big job, I will even shoot a video of what needs to be done as I talk to the customer. You can’t argue with a video. 

Know When to Say No

Dont take on jobs that you are not sure that you can handle. This will only lead to trouble and often if you try to fix it, you will make the situation worse. Stay within your wheelhouse of skills at all times. 

Turn down unsuitable jobs from the start.

Be Proactive and offer Solutions and Options

One of the best ways to deal with clients who get upset is to have a simple system for dealing with them. We will either do the job again or if we think that the customer is making unreasonable demands, we simply tell them that they dont have to pay for the job or if they have paid, we process a refund. 

This works well for us because we just mow lawns these days, so there is not much of a chance that large sums of money will be at stake.

I talk more about some of the systems I use to build a six-figure lawn care business from scratch in our Lawnmowing101 membership.

If you do full garden makeovers, this may not work for you. However, when we were doing larger jobs, we always had progress payments, so that may be the answer. 

Also, if anything is ever broken at a customer’s house, tell them BEFORE they find out themselves and offer to repair or replace it. (if you haven’t got public liability insurance, then get some today)

This will make your life a lot easier, and you will end up with a lot less bad reviews. We have been operating our current lawn mowing business since 2007 and have never had a bad review. If you put your mind to it, all problems can be fixed if you are prepared to talk. This reduces customer slippage too.

Handling difficult customers and accidents like broken windows is a valuable skill for any business owner. You can read more at

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FAQ: How to Effectively Handle Difficult Lawn Care Customers

Is it better to resolve issues face-to-face or through other means? While some issues can be addressed through online communication, resolving complaints face-to-face is generally more effective. In-person interactions allow for a more personal and empathetic connection, making it easier to understand and address the customer’s concerns. It also provides an opportunity to examine notes, discuss the problem thoroughly, and offer immediate solutions.

Are there any pro tips for managing difficult lawn care clients? When dealing with difficult clients in your lawn care business, always strive to provide quality service. It’s essential to correct issues promptly, even if it means revisiting a property for additional services. Additionally, maintaining open communication and being receptive to feedback can go a long way in building trust with your customers. Remember, it’s often cheaper to keep a customer than to acquire a new one.

How can I handle an angry lawn care customer and prevent further escalation? When faced with an angry customer, first, remain calm and composed. Apologize for any inconvenience caused and express your willingness to correct the issue. Avoid getting defensive, and instead, focus on finding a solution that satisfies the customer. If necessary, offer a discount or additional services as a gesture of goodwill. Keep in mind that providing a sincere apology and taking corrective action can turn an unhappy customer into a satisfied one.

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