Recommended Gear

My current favorite tools.

You always need the right tool for the job.

When it comes to buying lawn mowing equipment I have bought more than most. After 30 plus years in the industry and buying new equipment every year for as many as five vehicles I have lost count of the number of mowers, weed eaters, and blowers I have bought over the years. 

When  I buy new equipment I am always looking at a few things

  • The size of the engine
  • The weight
  • Is it durable
  • Is it value for money

Whether you are looking at buying equipment for a small business or a domestic lawn you need to take these things into consideration. 

Don’t buy secondhand. 

When I started off I bought the occasional piece of secondhand equipment and by the time I had been in the industry for about five years I stopped.

Unless you love working on mowers it is a waste of time. I cannot think of one piece of secondhand equipment I bought in those years that was worth keeping. If someone is selling due to leaving the country or due to health reasons it may be worth considering but you are still buying a piece of equipment without knowing the history and that can lead to disaster. 

Don’t buy cheap.

Avoid cheap equipment from bix box stores. If they break down the can be expensive or time-consuming to fix. I have a friend who owns a mower shop and has a contract with a couple of big box stores to repair their stock. I have watched him shaving and cursing while working on these things and sometimes bending parts to get them back into shape. He hates the machines and for a good reason. They are generally badly made with cheap parts. 

Your ideal piece of equipment needs to be good quality and affordable. 

The equipment I recommend is for small commercial or domestic. Bearing in mind that in a commercial setting a piece of equipment can do in three days the total amount of output that would be expected in a year domestically the gear I recommend would be great for either job.  

Line Trimmer on lawn
Lawn mowing Safety gear