What kind of agreement do you need your lawn care customers to sign?

That is a question I get asked a lot.

When you start quoting lawns and getting customers you feel like you should be formalising the agreement somehow. 

What are the other lawn mowing contractors doing? 

should you give them a contract to sign?

For my business, the simple answer is “No”

The only exception would be if you were going to have a yearly fixed price agreement that is paid monthly. I do not offer a full-service business so I do not have this kind of work on my books.

In my 35 years in the industry, I have NEVER asked a customer to sign a contract. 

And I have had customers ranging from domestic households, government departments, retirement villages and even a private hospitable.

They are just not necessary. 

On the very rear occasion where a client has wanted a contract signed. It is usually a document that they supply with unfavourable conditions for the signee (me).

Needless to say, I have turned them down.

All the lawnmowing agreements I have ever made have all been verbal. This works well for me. To be honest I think a service agreement with a customer would be hard to enforce anyway. 

However, there are sometimes conditions I put on a verbal agreement. If I was to give any kind of discount on a first cut or clean up then I would let them know that this is conditional on them getting at least four cuts on a regular cut cycle after that. I normally have a minimum charge of $60 for one-off lawns regardless of size. So I want to make sure that they are booking a regular cut before wavering the minimum charge. 

The way I see it is that if you have 100 people agree that you will be mowing their lawn regularly, then you have a business. 

About the author lawnmowing101

Stuart Clifford is the owner of Gecko Lawns.
He has been building and selling lawn mowing business for the last thirty years. Last year he sold off most of his lawns and now earns a full-time income doing a 20 hours work week mowing lawns. Stuart has helped lawn mowing contractors grow and sell their businesses. He has also done lawn business evaluation for buyers. He now enjoys writing about lawn mowing much more than actually mowing lawns.
The Gecko Lawns website is https://www.geckolawns.co.nz/

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