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So you want more lawn mowing customers.
One way that lawn businesses have been using for years is by putting out flyers.
The million-dollar question is…
Do they really work?

When I started a lawn mowing business in 1987 it was one of the first things I did.
I spent a morning delivering 500 flyers and my phone started ringing.
It was a nice dependable way to build your business.

Not any more.

My first flyers got around two quotes per hundred delivered.
Every year after that, it got worse.
The last time I put out flyers the return was two calls per thousand.
Assuming you can deliver my average of 100 flyers an hour the return is not that great.

However, there is one technique that still works.

Firstly, I would mention on the flyer that I mow a lawn on that street
Then I would deliver it to half a dozen houses around any lawns that I mow.
The next time I mowed the lawn I would do that again.

Hang on!! I hear you say
They have already received my flyer so why would they want it again.
The answer is because it is the ONLY way they will notice you.

People need to see your business name more than once before they remember you.
Dropping one flyer on one occasion is just not going to work.
If you are diligent and drop off your flyer every two weeks for half a dozen mows you just might get a call.
Not only will that job be right next to an existing job but you would have increased your return from two in a thousand flyers to one quote from 36 flyers.
It worked well last time I used that technique.

Food for thought.

About the author lawnmowing101

Stuart Clifford is the owner of Gecko Lawns.
He has been building and selling lawn mowing business for the last thirty years. Last year he sold off most of his lawns and now earns a full-time income doing a 20 hours work week mowing lawns. Stuart has helped lawn mowing contractors grow and sell their businesses. He has also done lawn business evaluation for buyers. He now enjoys writing about lawn mowing much more than actually mowing lawns.
The Gecko Lawns website is

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